Thanks for stopping by! I'm a newborn, child, and family photographer based on Boston's North Shore. When I started this business back in 2014 with a couple of borrowed lenses and a whole lot of hope, I never dreamt it would grow into what it is today. Not much about running a small-business is easy, but some days I feel like the luckiest girl that I get to do THIS.

Over the years, I have worked with some of the best, most beautiful families on the East Coast. I have watched their bellies, babies, and love grow. And what a joy it has been to witness. When you hire me, you aren't just getting any other photographer. You are getting an artist, wife, and a mother. A woman who has been in the trenches of both marriage and motherhood and knows exactly what that journey looks like.

I hope to capture the beauty of it all for you.


I was born and spent most of my life in the sun-kissed hills of California. A West Coast girl through and through! I'm now proud to call myself a New Englander- though the answer will always be the same if you ask. Yes, I am always freezing.

Most mornings, you can usually find me cradling a twice re-heated cup of coffee while editing up a storm. If I'm not there, I might be along the coast scouting out waves, chasing down my two very naughty dogs, or trying to keep up with my kids and their ever-changing sports schedule. I am a spur-of-the-moment kind of gal and function best when I don't over think or over plan. My heart strings are easily pulled and there's a good chance I would give away my life's savings to live on a farm with as many rescue animals as I could fit. I am drawn to light and real, honest connection, so it's really no surprise that photography found me.

Thanks for being here. I'm very much looking forward to hearing the story behind YOU.